Chinese Takeover? ……Not so Fast

Jun 8th, 2011No Comments

The International Table Tennis Championships features six Chinese players out of the final eight in the quarterfinal round. Timo Boll and Mizutani Jun were the only players that prevented this from becoming an all Chinese finals. There were three korean players in the third round and all of them were defeated by the Chinese. has become way to familiar of a story in the world of Table Tennis that has relied on spin and technique over pure athleticism.

But gone are the days of complete Chinese dominance…..Say Hello to the World Championships of Ping-Pong.

Yes Ping-Pong. The game everyone grew up playing as child, IS BACK.

The World Championship of Ping Pong has tossed aside the rubber paddles replacing them for the once common sandpaper paddle that everyone grew up playing Ping-Pong with. Ping-Pong rather then table tennis, is about athleticism and rallies instead of just quick points and spin. Not only does this leave us with much more exciting Ping-Pong action, but it also means that for once we wont see a sport that is completely dominated by the Chinese.

In the World Championships of Ping Pong we saw a Russian player take on a Philippines player for the right to win the World Championship of Ping Pong Men’s singles division and a Prize of $41,000.  With the Russian Player taking the crown in a very exciting final, this marked a changing of the guard from what is usually a Chinese Champion.

The World Championship’s of Ping-Pong are beginning to gain quite a following and from the looks of it, the Chinese, are far from taking over.

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