Ping Pong Apartment

Aug 10th, 2011No Comments

Daniel Arsham is a Brooklyn resident who lives in an apartment that is only 90 square feet. It is barely big enough to sleep in, nonetheless live in. Yet, at the same time, I doubt there is a single ping-pong fanatic who would not to spend some time in his place.

As an architect, Arsham is very adept at constructing an apartment. The walls in his place look utterly fantastic. On second look, however, his walls aren’t exactly typical…. In fact, they’re not walls at all.

What Are His Walls Made Of?!

Wait… Are Those Ping Pong Balls!!!

Introducing the world’s first (or at least the only one I’ve ever seen) ping-pong ball apartment. Yes that’s right…. Arsham’s walls are made up of about 25,000 ping-pong balls. Take a look at the pictures…. the place is REALLY cool. Thankfully, he doesn’t have a kitchen in his apartment, because if you’ve ever lit a ping-pong ball on fire….you know what I am saying.

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