Frank Caliendo Loves Ping Pong: No Joke

Jul 14th, 2011No Comments

It all started in 2009. Caliendo, a family man with a wife and children, was bored while on his weekly stints in Las Vegas. He needed something to do—- after all, most activities in Las Vegas aren’t exactly family friendly. And so, Caliendo accidentally stumbled upon a table tennis club, picked up a paddle, and since then, hasn’t stopped playing.

Caliendo has frequently attributed his recent weight loss (of 25 pounds) to picking up the sport. He has been quoted saying that ping-pong players do not get enough credit in America. They are “legitimate athletes,” he has said, “and the best are like martial artists.”

Caliendo’s ITTF rating is currently 1,700 and he continues to play competitively.

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